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Body after baby™

Body After Baby™ 

12 week postnatal health & fitness   program

Baby FIT & the Body After Baby™ Postnatal health and fitness online program provides you with our unique 12 week, pilates & multi-level resistance band exercise system all on our easy to follow online program. Please read on for further detail of the program and its benefits.

What is the Body After Baby™ program

Our Body After Baby™ 12 week postnatal health & fitness program is specially designed to strengthen your core and glutes and has proven & effective results. A unique blend of pilates and resistance band exercises designed to target the areas weakened during pregnancy and get your fitness goals back on track.

Regain your best core after baby with Body After Baby 12 week program.  This progressive postnatal strength and recovery program guarantees results. Each workout is 20 minutes and will fit around your new mum life. Repeat 3 times per week for best results.

Complete this program as your first step to regaining your pre-pregnancy health, mind, body and confidence. Further benefits of the program are listed below.

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week 1 – 4

Light resistance band workout out.  Beginner pilates and glutes workout. Each workout is 20 minutes long.  Perfect for fitting in to your new mum schedule.

week 4 – 8

Medium resistance band workout. Intermediate Core and Glutes workout. Advance on your pilates moves and progress through the Baby FIT program with confidence.

  week 8 – 12

Heavy resistance band. Advanced Pilates for your strongest core. Challenging your glutes with the final stages of our program. You will be brimming with body confidence and ready for the next stage of your fitness adventure.

Program & membership benefits

 Repair your rectus abdominus

✅ Support diastisi recti recovery

✅ Strengthen your core 

✅ Repair your pelvic floor

✅ Targets glute development

✅ Increases your energy

✅ Promotes better sleep

✅ Enables you to workout and run with confidence

✅ Start your post-pregnancy classes without fear of leaks

The program is a one-off payment £80.00.  For which you will receive lifetime access to the program, 3 premium quality BabyFIT resistance bands and gift for baby. The program is also available for £70.00 without the resistance bands and baby gift.

The BABYFIT approach is to recover, repair, strengthen and rebuild confidence. Our program and bands provide mum’s with all they need to achieve this in 12 weeks through the below steps and our support goes beyond just an online program. To order today select Join Us Now below.