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about BabyFIT

BABY FIT specialise in pre and postnatal health and wellbeing programmes from pregnancy fitness, postnatal recovery & strength sessions. Our trainers will design a tailored personal programme that matches your goals. We understand being mum is your priority, however we believe exercise and you matter, that’s why we design programmes that fit in with your busy life as a mum.


• Diploma in Pilates
• Pre and Post Natal fitness specialist.
• Personal Trainer
• Pelvic Floor Recovery
• Post Natal Core Recovery
• Nutrition


BabyFIT provides health and wellbeing solutions to fit into your demanding lifestyle.  We believe in realistic & effective pre and postnatal training plans and solutions to achieve your health & wellbeing goals.

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Lisa Hunter BabyFit


BabyFIT was founded by Lisa Hunter in 2010 following her own journey to wellness and strength and the birth of her sons.

“Drawing from my own 7 year journey to conceive my eldest son. Gruelling rounds of IVF, miscarriage & acceptance of my infertility. Embarking on a special embryo adoption programme to conceive my miracles, Joseph and Leon.


I believe eating a nutrition rich diet, relieving the stress and anxiety through mindfulness practice and exercise to compliment my treatment provided the optimal environment for my little embryos.


I truly believe in relaxed body and mind is the key to a healthy, happier & more empowered fertility journey.”


We offer a range of programmes, online, in small groups and one to one sessions for mums getting ready for parenthood, prenatal and postnatal.


Build your strongest core after baby. This 12 week mum & baby programme combines pilates and resistance band glute training to strengthen areas weakened during pregnancy.

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Body After Baby™

Our online, 12 week post-natal core recovery programme with guaranteed results to get you baby fit.

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Personal Training

BABY FIT Coaches will guide you through the changes in the body postpartum and how best to adapt your workout plan.

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